Ethical Shoppers in the UK

Ethical Shoppers in the UK

The Centre for Retail Research conducted research on how many ethical consumers there are in the UK. They carried out research in June 2019 which showed that “only 11% were Fully-committed Green shoppers who made almost all of their purchasing decisions on ethical criteria. Quite Committed (27%) made most of their decisions on an ethical basis. Occasional Green shoppers (36%) made some decisions on this basis or focused on only a few issues.  Even some of the Not interested category claimed they made some purchasing decisions according to ethical concerns.”


“Shoppers may find it difficult to make rapid ethical choices when shopping, because they lack information. They do not know the precise meaning of the different ethical labels or standards programmes (e.g. Red Tractor or MSC Fish). Unethical merchandise, regrettably, is not labelled as ‘produced by slave labour’ or ‘our furniture is proudly unsustainable’. Supported by media attention, the targets of ethical consumerism do vary from year to year and depend a great deal on what is portrayed as the latest crisis. At present it is zero-carbon sustainability, plastics and over-packaging; three-four years ago it was plastic bags, food authenticity and food quality. Before then it was cheap fast fashion and labour conditions in Asian textile factories. “ Read the full article here  


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